Why I'm building ScatterMind

I'm an ADHDer who wants you to be self-employed

Hey you,

My name is Frankie, and I'm building ScatterMind because I'm a founder with ADHD.

Like many clients, I never considered myself organized or an executor and didn’t see that changing. It was one of my weaknesses, and that’s “just who I was.” This changed after my first side project, a magazine I started with friends, failed gloriously. I

  • rarely finished things
  • forgot things almost immediately
  • was unprepared & late for meetings
  • was the “idea guy,” not the “get shit done” guy —> To be a founder, you have to get shit done
  • ultimately didn’t embody a leader or act as a successful founder

Resulting in

  • My friends losing trust in my abilities and leaving the project
  • Me losing my confidence and trust in myself
  • My dreams of changing the world looking unattainable.

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, awesome, but if it has, I changed, and you can too. You have 2 options: let your dreams die or adopt a growth mindset, put in the work, and change. At the end of the tunnel, your ideas will quickly become reality. Don't believe me? Here’s my journey:

  • 2018 - My magazine, SHADES, failed. I felt like a loser & my friends probably thought I was, too
  • 2019 - Stopped taking ADHD meds (Focalin Xr 15mg)
  • October 2020 - I launched my first business, BreadCrumbs
  • April 2021 - I start working on my business full-time
  • August 2022 - I generate my first internet dollar
  • Jan 2023 - I pivot to ScatterMind & hit $1k MRR
  • August 2023 - ScatterMind hits ramen profitability
  • Oct 2023 - I doubled ScatterMind’s revenue

I fumbled through on my own, but you don’t have to. If you want to regain your confidence, take control of your life, and become an entrepreneur, click below! 


employee to Entrepreneur

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