Why I'm building ScatterMind

I'm an ADHDer who wants you to be self-employed

Hey you,

My name is Frankie, and I'm building ScatterMind because I'm a founder with ADHD.

When I started my first job as a process engineer, I struggled with being intentional with my time. I wasted precious hours avoiding tasks, thinking rather than doing them, and spending an hour on 5 min tasks. It was a never-ending cycle of putting out fires that my bad habits had created. However, I managed to break free from this cycle and transform my life by mastering my ADHD. Through my journey, I leveled up, stopped relying on medication (Focalin XR 15mg), and became a successful startup founder.

I brought my second startup to $2K MRR within 9 months while hitting the gym 5+/week, sleeping 8 hours, and having time for friends on weekends. I'm chasing my dream of building a unicorn while achieving my personal goals. And I want to help you do the same! How can you expect to achieve your goals while

  • running on less than 6 hours of sleep,
  • missing meals,
  • not maintaining your health,
  • fighting off constant distractions,
  • procrastinating on key tasks,
  • burnt out?

With ScatterMind, I've transformed my experiences into a powerful coaching system designed to level up your career. Let me guide you on this transformative journey!


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