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ADHD coaching that keeps you organized so your ideas turn into income

For distracted ADHDers who want to be self-employed in a year

Who's my coach?

An ADHDer who got organized and is self-employed

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ScatterMind Successes

Getting organized gets you results

Before: Laid off & working on multiple projects

Launched a profitable art show community

Received a $130K job offer

Vickie Lin

Founder of Detox Gallery

Enterprise Account Executive at AI Startup

Before: Burnt out with less than 3 months of runway

Pivoted & matched with a co-founder

Parth Shah

Co-founder of insito health

Before: Feeling stuck at her job for 5+ years

Received positive feedback from beta testers

Caithlin M.

Assistant Director at NY State Department

Before: Burnt out & ready to look for jobs

Identified her niche & started selling her new service

Laura F.

Founder of STLassist

Before: Laid off after a year of medical leave

Started his first 6-figure job

Khalid (wanted to stay anonymous)

Banking Manager

Read how Khalid got his First 6-Figure Job!

The Secret Sauce

Your distractions keep you from progressing.

Once you're organized, your ideas will turn into income

I use personalized solutions to keep you organized

Task breakdown and management

Let's break down your tasks and ensure they're getting done on time and in the right order

Personalized Reminders

Never get stuck or forget a task again! Receive reminders directly from me so they're not ignored.

Daily Reviews & Check-ins

Review your day and prepare for the next!

Weekly Accountability Check-ins

Be revitalized every week during our check-ins! We celebrate wins, break down challenges, update our systems, and set new goals.

How I help

I keep you consistent and organized so you finish your project before starting the next one

Get organized

We start small and win in our first week by setting goals, assessing what's distracting us, and building our first habit.

Launch your business

The work we put in sees fast results. We identify a target audience, learn about their problems, devise a solution, and launch our landing page to start collecting emails

Close your first paying customer

We contact the emails we collect, and our hard work pays off: you get your first sale. You're officially an entrepreneur! But wait, there's more: we have to test your solution.

ScatterMind Reviews

People who got organized and the results


Get organized, and get turned your ideas into income!

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