employee to Entrepreneur

ADHDers, want to become an entrepreneur generating $2k - $5k/month within 6 months?

Otherwise, get every penny back!

Who's my coach?

A full-time entrepreneur who kicked ADHD meds

ScatterMind Successes

Employees who became Entrepreneurs

$0/mo to $7k/mo in 4 months

Vickie Lin

Founder of Detox Gallery

ScatterMind Reviews

What you'll learn on your free discovery call

Personalized business discovery

My process to identify & validate a business that's a perfect fit and will generate $2k - $5k/month

Scatter-eliminating accountability systems

The systems that allowed me to build my business and leave ADHD meds in the past

Daily-action support systems

Automated systems that will allow you to overcome procrastination and take action every day

Who's this for?

ADHDers who

  • Want to leave their current job
  • Want to become a full-time entrepreneur
  • Want financial freedom
  • Want to achieve something great but feel like their ADHD is stopping them
  • Want systems to keep them organized and consistent
  • Want better habits, so they're disciplined and focused
  • Want to earn extra money from their skills
  • Want their dreams to turn into reality
  • Want the freedom to be themselves

This is not a get-rich scheme! This is a "let's make a dynamic transformation and reach our potential."

Hard work and time are required to achieve these results. If you're willing to commit, we will see results!

The Secret Sauce

My personalized systems make you self-sufficient, unlocking 2+ hours/day

Personalized Roadmap

Let's create a roadmap by setting clear goals for the year and breaking them into smaller milestones!

Weekly Roadmap Planning

Be revitalized every week during our check-ins! I'll ensure you're still on track by reviewing your long-term goals and planning the next week.

On-Demand Accountability & Problem-Solving

Stuck on a task? Don't worry. I'll reach out or call you so we get through it!

Hourly Procrastination Check-ins

Never get stuck or forget a task again! Receive hourly reminders to avoid procrastination directly from me so they're not ignored.

Review your day & your progress

Never forget to review your day, prepare for the next, and measure your progress. Here's a sample!


Become an entrepreneur, and generate $2k - $5k/month within 6 months!

It takes less than 1 min to get started!


employee to Entrepreneur

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