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ADHD coaching that unlocks 2+ hours/day,

allowing your business to generate income

For distracted ADHDers who want to be self-sufficient & self-employed in a year

Who's my coach?

An ADHDer who is organized and self-employed

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ScatterMind Successes

Getting organized unlocks time for entrepreneurship

Many clients want to stay anonymous to avoid hurting their reputations

Before: Tasks piling up and behind schedule with investors

Launched app in beta and closed first customers

"For the first time in a long time, I have free time and I don't feel guilty because I know I've finished my to-do list" [week 1]

Founder of Pre-Seed Startup (raised $200k)

Before: Struggling to perform and losing his confidence

Unlocked 5+ hours/day for his job & side projects

"Overall, today was miles away more productive than how the last few weeks have been going" [week 1]

FANG AI/ML Engineer

Before: Squandering his free time on social media

Unlocked 2+ hours/day for his side projects

Product Designer at Ride-Sharing Platform

Before: Laid off & working on multiple projects

Launched a profitable art show community

Received a $130K job offer

"Holy shit dude, they accepted the counteroffer........they gave me the $130k"

Founder of Detox Gallery

Enterprise Account Executive at an AI Startup

Read how Khalid got his First 6-Figure Job!

The Secret Sauce

My personalized systems make you self-sufficient, unlocking 2+ hours/day

Personalized Roadmap

Let's create a roadmap by setting clear goals for the year and breaking them into smaller milestones!

Weekly Roadmap Planning

Be revitalized every week during our check-ins! I'll ensure you're still on track by reviewing your long-term goals and planning the next week.

On-Demand Accountability & Problem-Solving

Stuck on a task? Don't worry. I'll reach out or call you so we get through it!

Hourly Procrastination Check-ins

Never get stuck or forget a task again! Receive hourly reminders to avoid procrastination directly from me so they're not ignored.

Review your day & your progress

Never forget to review your day, prepare for the next, and measure your progress. Here's a sample!


1000s of miles solo or a smooth ride with guidance? You pick!

Consistency Lite

Need a second opinion and to stay on target? Turn goals into realities by submitting weekly accountability reports.

Think homework but for business


  • 60-min session to set long-term goals & milestones
  • Submit weekly accountability reports & receive feedback
  • 30-min monthly check-in
  • Daily reminders & check-ins

Consistency Pro

Need help staying consistent & disciplined? Let's meet weekly to manage tasks & maintain your systems.

On-demand Consistency


Everything in Consistency Lite, plus:

  • 15-min weekly check-in
  • Weekly Task Management
  • Mid-week check-ins
  • Daily progress tracking
  • Unlimited text & emails

Get Organized in a Month

Feeling scattered & squandering your time? Let's build your foundation by developing time-saving systems.

Unlock 2+ hours per day


Everything in Consistency Pro, plus:

  • 30-min weekly check-in
  • Track multiple goals (Professional, health, etc.)
  • On-demand accountability
  • Analyze time & develop routines
  • Notes capture system
  • Identify & eliminate distractions

I offer a 30-day refund if you want to test my services

No questions asked - Low Risk, High Reward

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Get organized, become self-sufficient, and be an entrepreneur!

It takes less than 1 min to get started!


employee to Entrepreneur

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