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ADHD coaching that builds systems to keep you organized and complete the hard tasks consistently

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Who's my coach?

An ADHDer who doubted himself and took control of his future

An ADHDer who helped Khalid get his First 6-Figure Job!

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ScatterMind Successes

Coaches drive results while apps are ignored

Received a $130K job offer

Before: Laid off for 6+ months

Vickie Lin

Enterprise Account Executive

Started his first 6-figure job

Before: Laid off after a year of medical leave

Khalid (wanted to stay anonymous)

Banking Manager

Started a more senior role near home

Before: Entry-level role away from family

Chris Homere

Software Engineer

Read how Khalid got his First 6-Figure Job!

The Secret Sauce

Coaches keep you organized, focused, and consistent

When you're all three, you win, build confidence, and reach your goals

How we help

We are your personal project manager

Consistency through acountability


Your coach will carefully listen to your goals, challenges, and specific needs to create a personalized plan to achieve your goals

Make adjustments weekly

Through weekly check-ins, your coach will highlight your progress, identify challenges, and make adjustments: test new solutions, conduct root cause analysis, and introduce you to new skills

Accountability and support

With 24 hour support, your coach will guide and motivate you to stay on track, overcome obstacles, and make progress toward your goals

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Build routines, develop consistency, and unlock your potential

It takes less than 1 min to get started!


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